Covid Information

In order for us to do our part in best serving and caring for your children, the following measures are implemented and revisions are made as new information becomes available.

  1. We will thoroughly screen reasons for all ill visits. Pending those discussions, we will determine best course of action.
  2. Entrance and exit for well visits and sick visits are separate and marked clearly. We ask that you stay in your car when you arrive and call us for further instructions.
  3. You will be screened by phone during your reminder call and upon arrival while awaiting in car.
  4. In order to provide the best protection for everyone, we ask for only 1 parent/caregiver to attend each visit. Current guidelines are for all who come to the office to please wear your own face mask (unless younger than age 2). Our staff will be wearing face masks for all visits.
  5. Well-child care visits (AKA physicals) will be in the morning and early afternoon hours.
  6. Ill visits will only be scheduled in the mid to later afternoon hours. After thorough screening we will determine what designated area and time will be most appropriate for the visit.
  7. Telemedicine visits will be expanding in their capacity so that we may avoid in-office visits whenever possible. Please have your child's weight and temperature available at time of appointment.
  8. COVID-19 testing: We can advise you on best testing options as available at the time. If you need clearance to go back to school or work post-COVID, this can be provided.

We recommend using these sources to stay up to date: