The increasing costs of health care are or should be a concern to all. Advances in technology, expectations of the public, insurance costs, and inflation all have contributed to the rising cost of medical care. We encourage you to pay for services as they are rendered. This keeps down our costs and thus yours. If you have a question about our fees, we would prefer that you speak with management directly to avoid any miscommunication.


At Professional Park Pediatrics, we file insurance forms for Capital Health Plan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield (PPO), United Health, First Health Network (Contact our office for information), and Tricare Select (Contact our officeLighthouse for information). We accept Medicaid HMOs incuding Wellcare, Humana and Sunshine. Within the Healthy Kids program, we only accept Aetna Better Health. Please make sure your child(ren) are added on to your insurance plan and assigned to your pediatrician of choice at Professional Park Pediatrics. For those insured by other companies, we will assist you if necessary. Our staff will complete insurance forms for hospitalizations regardless of your insurer if you will obtain the appropriate forms. For those individuals filing their own insurance forms you will receive a copy of the “super bill” to be used for this purpose. The original of the “super bill” should be kept for income tax purposes. There is a charge if we have to take the time to duplicate this information.

Medical Records

Medical records are solely our property. As a parent you are entitled to a complete copy upon request. There is a copying fee. We can release information only upon receipt of a written release.

Waiting Room

We have separate waiting rooms at our office, usually referred to as the “Well” and “Sick” waiting rooms. This is to minimize exposure of infants and children who are in for weight checks or checkups to patients who might have potentially contagious illnesses. If your child is in for ANYTHING OTHER THAN A ROUTINE CHECKUP, you will likely be asked to wait in the “sick” waiting room. Sometimes this causes hard feelings on the part of parents who feel their children are unlikely to be contagious. Examples: “But it’s just a clear runny nose.” “But it’s just a low grade fever.” “But it’s just a rash.” “But the rash is covered up.” We ask that you defer to our judgment on this matter; there are many symptoms that can have an infectious cause that you may not at first think could be contagious. Additionally, if your child is in for a checkup but has an illness, please let the staff know when you check in so we can have them wait in the non-well waiting room and thereby avoid exposing others.

Vaccination Policy

We strongly believe that vaccinating children and adults is the most important measure to prevent serious illnesses and promote health. We understand the concerns that you may have as parents and are willing to answer your questions and discuss the scientific data behind the safety of currently recommended vaccines. We follow the CDC/AAP recommendation on immunization schedule, and are happy to explain the rationale behind it. We do not recommend alternative schedules.